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Tina Mantel


Artistic Direction

choreographer, dancer, dance mediator, dance scientist.




Johanna-Maria Raimund


production management

freelance dramaturg



Supporting Board
stands behind the Tanzmehr vision and provides knowhow and networking.

Alessia della Casa, dancer, choreographer, director Ticino Danza 


“It is essential for me that the deep artistic journey and research of artists and dance makers can be translated into an accessible message, into a vessel that gathers a community, and that it is able to touch and transform the environment where it lives and thrives.”

Pierre-Alain Formica, président de dansehabile


"The association dansehabile supports the work of the Tanzmehr festival, we were happy to participate in the 2021 session. This festival is also a place of interregional understanding between our language communities. The Compagnie dansehabile, which holds the label of inclusive dance, was able to perform in inclusion at this festival."

Susanne Schneider, Künstlerische Leiterin Beweggrund


"People dance - big and small, older and younger, with and without disabilities.

The dancing people want to share their work - with each other and with an audience.

This requires stages, places, time and people who make it possible.

Tanzmehr is such a place - where colourful diversity is danced."

Isabella Spirig, artistic director of Steps,

founder of IntegrART – a project, which advocates the inclusion of people with disabilities in art and society.


"Contemporary dance is an art form that reaches people directly. An art form that is associative and not always linearly logical. In Switzerland, contemporary dance does not yet have a long tradition and that is why it inspires a lot of people, but it also confuses just as many. Community dance is a wonderful bridge and creates understanding and an incredible joy of dance through one's own experience and participation, guided by professionals! Tanzmehr's goal is to inspire more people to dance more and to actively promote diversity - a goal that is very worthy of support. I wish the Tanzmehr festival much success!"

Sounding Board

members were selected, to diversify our perspectives. We are grateful for their feedbacks, tipps and warnings.


Pascale Altenburger, dance maker and antiracism activist, BE 

Joëlle Dumas, choreographer and dance mediator, FR 

Denise Gundlich, passionate dancer born with a handicap, ZH 

Simon Wenger, choreographer, journalist, editor, BS 

Chris Stettler, director of dance and movement therapy IAC, ZH 

Programming group
The proposed pieces will be selected by a group of experts and a group of audience representatives. The names will be announced in early January.